Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Recital Project: Part 1

My studio's end of the year recital is next weekend (June 16th & 17th)! Dancers and teachers alike have worked so hard all year long to put together routines that will show off the dancers' skills and performance abilities. This year I have five dances ranging in ballet, jazz, and lyrical.

I have decided to have studio dress rehearsals for all of my classes so that the dancers get used to dancing in their costumes before we get on stage. Three of the classes had their rehearsal last Saturday, and the other two will have theirs this Saturday, which is our last day of class for the year! My first dance is a ballet piece called, "Layers". It is based off of the music that I created, which is a mix of classical and contemporary. The dancers start off as ballerinas dancing to the piano, then the beat kicks in and their movement becomes more edgy. In the end, they return to being ballerinas :)

The next routine is called, "Bulletproof" danced to the song by La Roux. This is basically a fun, sassy jazz dance that shows off some of the skills that the girls have been working on in class this year. Since the song is very electronic, they are like robots, as you can probably tell from their metallic costumes and the beginning movements.

One of my two lyrical routines is called, "Held Back". During the first part of the dance, the girls are dancing with a rope that represents a person or a situation in their life that has made them feel trapped or unable to reach their full potential. This part of the dance is performed to the instrumental version of "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perry. When the ending lyrics come in, they finally get to break free from what's holding them back.

Photos and videos from the other two dress rehearsals will be coming soon!

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