Monday, May 21, 2012

First Position

Recently, all styles of dance have been getting a lot of attention in popular media such as commercials, television, and film. As a training and aspiring dancer, this is super exciting. It started off with hip hop being in a lot of ads and movies; there's 'You Got Served', the 'Step Up' movies, and even the Kia Soul commercials with the dancing hamsters. Now with continuing shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Dance Moms, other styles of dance are getting a lot more attention. A lot of people may not have known what ballet, jazz, or contemporary dance was like, until now.

Just because :)
With more and more exposure to today's society, classical and technique-based dancing is in the spotlight. This genre of dance is typically performed in a theatre setting, and dancers of all walks of life enjoy going to see a live performance. But, what about people who don't dance or people who have never been to the theatre? They can now get a taste of what dance is all about simply by watching t.v. This is how dance is evolving in today's world and the art form is finally getting the attention and respect that it deserves.
There is a new documentary that has been released about ballet called, 'First Position'. I can not wait to see this movie! It will take viewers into the world of ballet and what it really takes. Most people who don't dance don't realize how much time, dedication, stamina, and passion is required to succeed in this career. 'First Position' shows young dancers all over the country preparing and competing in the Youth America Grand Prix. This ballet competition could determine these dancers' entire career. Check out the trailer for this dramatic and eye-opening look into a ballet dancer's life.

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