Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Showtime!

So, the first week of tech rehearsals has come to a close and it is finally opening weekend! For the next two weekends I will be performing in the Towson University Dance Company production, "Generosity". The show consists of seven pieces choreographed by a variety of different choreographers. The dances range from modern, to ballet, to contemporary. I am in a ballet reperatory class and during our class time we learn and practice a piece that will be featured in the performance.

This week has been very busy and tiring, but it's been a great opportunity and I'm ready to perform. Earlier in the week I got a chance to stay and watch the rest of the dances after I was done with my piece and I was so impressed with the wide range of technique and performance quality of the dancers, and the innovation and creativity of the choreographers. The show is truly well-rounded and original and there is something for everyone.

This morning in ballet class our teacher talked with us about how we want the performance to look and what we can do to make it that way. This really helped me understand my goals and it got me thinking about the steps I need to take to accomplish them. I said I wanted the dance to look committed with everyone dancing as a unit. In a piece where there are group sections in unity, it is important to feel the energy of the other dancers around you. Sometimes it's difficult to go from a solo part to a group part because you are so used to only worrying about yourself, but you need to refocus your attention so that you are aware of your surroundings on the stage. A good idea is to stand in a circle with everyone in the dance and hold hands. Then, one person starts by squeezing the hand of the person next to them, and the energy in the squeeze is passed around the circle. Once you have felt a connection with your fellow dancers, it becomes easier to dance together.

You also need to focus on yourself and what you need for a performance. If you normally get so anxious and nervous to the point where you can't sit still, maybe you need some time to cool down before you go on stage. If you want more energy and commitment to your movement, try reving yourself up and build your energy a couple minutes before your dance. I like to do small jumps, arms swings, jogging in place, basically anything that keeps my body moving.

Now, I'm going to follow my own advice and get ready for the first show :) Here is some more information on the performance in case anyone in interested in coming. You can buy tickets at the door, so please come and support the Towson University dancers!

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