Monday, February 28, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Are you a resident of Maryland who is proud of the state you live in? Are you someone who knows many interesting facts about this region and wants to put your knowledge to the test? I have been informed about a company called GPSmyCity that creates tour guide applications for the iPhone, which provide useful traveler's information about any city in the United States. It's like a GPS device for your phone! So, if you're in the city and you need to know where the nearest mall, restaurant, or hotel is, this app can tell you. I imagine this tool is also very helpful if you get lost in a place that you are unfamiliar with.

You could win three free city walk iPhone applications developed by to any city of your choice. All you have to do is answer the questions to this quiz I'm about to share with you. The quiz includes facts and trivia about the state of Maryland. The people who answer the most questions correctly will win the three free applications. You must send your answers to Good luck!

1. Maryland has the only official state sport, which is:
A. Jousting
B. Skating
C. Boxing

2. The Maryland State Bird is the:
A. Cardinal
B. Oriole
C. Eagle

3. Maryland has quite a series of peculiar laws. For instance, in the Ocean City, it is prohibited (while swimming) to:
A. Sing
B. Eat
C. Read out loud

4. In Baltimore's Inner Harbor is located the National:
A. Dolphinarium
B. Aquarium
C. Aquatic and Wildlife Museum

5. Which one of these cities is known to be the sailing capital of the world?
A. Baltimore
B. Salisbury
C. Annapolis

6. Maryland is the only state to have developed its own breed of:
A. Dog
B. Cat
C. Rabbit

7. Maryland is also known as the:
A. Pine Tree State
B. Old Line State
C. Show Me State

8. King Williams School was the first school in the United States, opened in:
A. 1496
B. 1569
C. 1696

9. At the University of Maryland, opened the first:
A. Drama School
B. Medical School
C. Dental School

10. The State Drink for Maryland is:
A. Milk
B. Ice Tea
C. Ginger Beer

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